Why we stayed


Open call for participants!


‘Why we stayed’ is a photographic series that will delve into the topic of
emigration, but more importantly on patriotism and the unique reasons that
people choose to stay in South Africa




About the project

Why we stayed…

Every day I hear of more people I know emigrating followed by the litany of negative reasons why they are leaving South Africa.

Many students wait until they have completed their degrees and their first thought is if they can find a job overseas and leave. Young couples who want to start families start looking at opportunities abroad seeking the proverbial greener grass. Every, single, day I see emigration sales where people are selling everything they have ever owned to fly somewhere new and start afresh.

It feels like there is a mass exodus. One largely motivated by fear and despair.






Yet amongst this miasma of negativity there are patriots. There are people who love our country for a multitude of reasons and who choose to stay even though they could leave. People, who have hope. People, who see the good that we have here, who believe that we are a country and a people that can change for the better.
This is what I want to focus on. I want to find the people who choose to stay. To hear their reasons and highlight their hope. Each person’s story will be the inspiration for a photograph and captured in a few images to be a part of a series entitled ” Why we stayed”.
I love South Africa and it’s the only home I have ever known or want to have, and every so often I meet someone who feels the same way that I do. Sharing these feelings and knowing that there are people who feel the same is such an uplifting experience. Our joint story of patriotism is going to be both powerful and inspiring.




If you would like to be a part of the project, please email or
whatsapp me on
: ravinaidoo@standstarestudios.com
The criteria for participation is simple:
1. You must be South African
2.You must be able to emigrate but choose not to
( are a skilled worker, can afford emigration costs)
3. Your reasons for staying cannot be financially motivated.
4. You must be based in KZN
A Stand & Stare Studios initiative funded by the National Arts Council an agency of the Dept of Sports Art & Culture.
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